Todo list

Member Chain<Coeff>::operator< (const Chain<Coeff>&chain2) const
also compare direction of arrows
File Cob.h
precompute cobordism algebra to speed up computation
File Coefficients.h

add rational coefficients via library (boost, mpir, etc)

add integer coefficients with certificates for integer overflow free computations

File Complex.h

read/write complexes into backup files to be reused for quick computations like closures or conversion from Z to other coefficients

optimize complex and add graphical output for complexes over Z

Class Complex<BNObj, BNMor, Coeff>
add graphical output (tikz and/or svg)
Member interactive (const std::string&metadata, std::vector<File>&files)
make this function cope with symmetric tangles and behave more gracefully in edge cases; in particular, remove the necessity of default_number_of_lines.
Class Khr_curve

handle gradings more gracefully

implement local systems (if necessary)

File main.cpp
clean-up code basis following guidelines
Page Options

Detect integer overflows for rational coefficients.

Make this option work for all coefficients (ie add signs from tensor product sign rule).

Member Tangle::Tangle (const File&file)
explain the structure of a file representing a tangle
File Tangles.h

implement PD notation

undo extra twisting after clean-up and add optimized output with extra parameter '-o'