kht++ is a program for calculating the Khovanov and Bar-Natan homology of links and tangles [3] [1].


kht++ was primarily written for the purpose of computing tangle invariants in Khovanov theory, in particular the immersed multicurve invariants $\mathrm{\widetilde{BN}}(T)$ and $\mathrm{\widetilde{Kh}}(T)$ for four-ended tangles from the monograph [4]. One may also use it for computing the invariants for knots and links, and any derived invariants, such as Rasmussen's s-invariant [8]. While it is reasonably fast and resource friendly, kht++ has not been optimized as much as some other programs; if you are only interested in Khovanov invariants of knots and links, you might want to consider one of these programs first.



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