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ISM discovery school 8–11 May 2018 + CIRGET conference 12–13 May 2018

Perspectives on bordered Heegaard Floer theory

Please note that this is a past event.

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We are organizing a summer school focused on new developments in bordered Heegaard Floer theory and the consequences of these developments towards the so-called L-space conjecture. The school is paired with and will provide background for a 1½-day research conference.

  • venue CIRGET, Montréal
  • discovery school lecturers
    • Jake Rasmussen, Cambridge, UK
      CRM Simons Professor April–May 2018
    • John Baldwin, Boston College, US
    • Jonathan Hanselman, Princeton, US
  • discovery school speakers
    • Cameron Gordon, University of Texas at Austin, US
    • Robert Lipshitz, Oregon, US
    • Sarah Rasmussen, Cambridge, UK
      CRM Simons Fellow April–May 2018
  • conference speakers
    • Xinghua Gao, University of Illinois, US
    • Matt Hedden, Michigan State University, US
    • Tom Hockenhull, Imperial College, UK
    • Ying Hu, UQAM, CA
    • Artem Kotelskiy, Princeton, US
    • Marco Marengon, UCLA, US
    • Ina Petkova, Dartmouth College, US
    • Biji Wong, UQAM, CA
  • organizers
  • contact email address loopyloops2018\(@\)gmail.com
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