sources/modules/ directory

C++ implementation files.


file algHF.cpp
implements the HF algebra from OzSzPingPong
file aux_svg.cpp
implements drawing commands to generate svg-files
file aux_sys.cpp
implements File class, i/o functions and string operations
file BNAlgebra.cpp
implements the Bar-Natan algebra $\mathcal{B}$ from [4]
file Chain.cpp
implements the classes for loop-type complexes over the Bar-Natan algebra, see Complex<BNObj, BNMor, Coeff>
file Cob.cpp
implements the universal cobordism category from [1]
file Coefficients.cpp
implements all classes that represent rings of coefficients
file Complex.cpp
implements the category of complexes over a category, such as the Bar-Natan algebra $\mathcal{B}$ from [4] or the universal cobordism category from [1]
file Tangles.cpp
implements the class Tangles
file Tests.cpp
implements some tests for checking some features of the program